Founder And Editor-In-Chief

    Dipanshu Parashar 

Dipanshu Parashar is from Delhi. As we all know that to
make the nation develop we have to take some steps for
that. One such step is taken by this kid. Let’s know about
his journey and how he started up business just at the age
of 15.

Growing up as a young boy back in India, Dipanshu
Parashar would likely not have won any awards for ‘Most
Promising Future’ amongst his peers. Frequently described with derogatory terms like ‘lazy’ and ‘useless,’ he felt his life discouraged and disheartened.

This is the typical story of many youths that grow up to become a problem in the society, and it’s a direct result of the damaging words older people speak to them. But he decided to fight back at the downward direction his life was heading and to believe in himself. By taking that bold step and learning from great people around him, that young, obscure boy turned the tide to become a force to be reckoned with today.

Dipanshu Parashar: Digitalizing the nation

Dipanshu Parasharadmits that he spent many years unsure about where his life was headed. Like most of us, he had dreams but no clear directions or plan to achieve them. And criticism from people around him just demotivated him and made the situation worse.

Fortunately, he never gave up on his dreams and always waited for the right time. He followed and learned valuable insights from some of the world’s best influencers and mentors, and is now spreading that life-changing information at global platforms.

Dipanshu basically was very interested in the field of technology and he believes that technology can even
change the current image of the world. He came across an international website which is known as electronics lovers that offered him the job for writing tech articles. He accepted the job happily at the age of 15. When he started writing articles, he gained knowledge about recent technological development around him. While writing articles, he thought of a plan and he started up his own website called Teknical partner. He started writing tech articles for his own blog. He got wonderful results and there were many viewers from the US who liked the website very much. He was then getting motivated by many of the big leading
bloggers and he started to work with them.

He is now 16 years of age and set up his own business of website development, android app development, artificial intelligence bots development. Teknical partner has now so many trusted customers who loved to be the part of this wonderful team.

Now, the turning point comes, Dipanshu is selflessly working for the welfare of rural people of India. He is
arranging Skype sessions in villages to motivate the rural children so that they can explore their technical
knowledge. He worked by making the rural children able to look at their wonderful life and should do something unique.