Teknical Partner aims to provide knowledge about the recent technological developments to those who are not even aware of what is technology. We aim to make each and every rural area to get involved in the process of digitalization. Today what we have experienced is that there are people or children who are really interested in the field of technology but they are not getting a platform to showcase their skills. We will make them aware to use their interest wisely and where they should show their works.

How to meet our goals?

This is important to understand that how Japan, a small nation managed to develop its technology at far extent. To make our country develop such as that we also have to invest in human resource development. We can make people aware of the recent developments. For that, we will arrange few Skype sessions with rural people and many more who are unaware of this. We will teach them how to invest their talent in a good place where they can make our nation better. after all, we should not forget that

whatever we are doing is our national duty.

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