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How to set up a strong and unbreakable password


In this article, today we know about many useful things and one of the most important thing that is how to prevent our personal computers by taking some preventive measures and by creating an amazing password. This is very important to know as creating a strong password introduces a new concept of web security.


Web security also known as cybersecurity involves protecting that information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks. The first in protecting yourself is to recognize the risks and become familiar with some of the terminology associated with them. We should be aware of the terminologies like Hacking, phishing, cracking, viruses, Trojans, worms and much more. These all target the computer by encrypting the owner’s personal files. We should understand what keyloggers are and how they work? This can help us to prevent our computers.

Dangers from Internet!!

In today’s world, the internet is used for many purposes such as for sending emails, online chat through many applications, to use this platform to play games, to transfer a file from one device to another and we can find infinite information on infinite topics. The biggest and important use of the internet is to send and receive e-mails. E-mail is secure and private and it goes from one user to another. Instant messaging applications or websites such as AIM or ICQ allows more than two people for the chat to each other and it is much faster.
Without a doubt, we can say that internet has become a great power. But with great power, comes great dangers. Recently there has been an increase in the fraudulent activities on the internet. It has become a source of infecting computers with viruses, Trojans, worms etc.

Preventive Measures

1) Do scan all email attachments for viruses before opening them, especially those files with extensions .exe, .com, .doc, etc.

2) To disable automatic processing of email attachments in your Internet email software.

3) Do consider controlling spam by using email filtering software that allows users to block or screen out spam using simple filtering rules.

4) Do use separate email addresses for different purposes whenever feasible.

Here is an amazing way through which you all can create a password that can be very difficult to break.

Step 1: Chose a Sentence in your mind (for example- I am a boy).
Step 2: Now take out the first letter of the words of your sentence. (Here- iaab).
Step 3: Insert some special characters like exclamation marks in the phrase(here-iaab!!)
Step 4: Now insert a numerical which can you easily remember like your school roll                              number (here- iaab!!12)
Step 5: Your password cannot be hacked now.

Note: (This was just one way to learn how to create your password. So, that no one can hack your fb, insta, bank accounts. And you will be safe then.)

So, we should be finally aware that there should be passwords which should be high leveled and it is really important. Good luck! Do it well and create new passwords.


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