Email : Secret features revealed

Hello guys! Today, E-mail is the most important feature and component
of someone’s smartphone or personal computer. There are many options
available for E-mail now. But still, there are some features which can
affect your E-mail experience. In reference to this, Today in this
article, we will learn about some amazing secret features of E-mail.

Active Inbox:

If you are a buisnessman and e-mail is most essential for you, then
this is the best feature to use for your scheduling posts and mails.
Suppose someone has mailed you a very important letter and you have to
reply him, in that situation, you can schedule a definite reply and
Gmail will send it for you automatically.  (


This is a menu list where you can directly access your mails without
signing in your account and thus, it will help you a lot. For that,
you should must have a account on which should be linked
with your mail.  (

Unroll dot me:

Many times, you suscribe unnecessary websites or posts due to which,
your mail box is filled with spams and those suscribed mails. In this
kind of situation, works effectively and is very usefull for
you. This website scans all these mails and give you a defined list of
those mails and just by a single click, you can unsuscribe all those
websites very easily. This is the best trick to free up your Gmail
space.  (

Checker Plus:

This is one of my favourite tool. The professionals or other hobbyists
create many email id’s for different purposes. Checking all the mail
boxes is really difficult for them in that situation. For a solution,
checker plus extension is useful. You can read Gmails and
notifications without signing in and can link your all email id’s. You
can even delete a mail without opening your account.   It provides you
a special feature of voice notification. If you are busy or driving a
vehicle, then this feature can speak out the message for you.


If you use gmail, then there are many emails sent by different peoples
who are unknown to you. This website can help you to discover the
facebook profiles, twitter profiles of those persons. This is very
helpful for sales persons.  (

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