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Common mistakes while shopping online

After all, with parents’ credit cards comes great responsibility.

Shopping on Unsecured Portals: A lot of establishments now sell online, but you need to identify the credible ones to make sure that your data is secure. Do not shop on obscure websites promising fabulous discounts.

Using Public Computers & Networks: It may be tempting to use free, open Wi-Fi to shop, but this can be risky. Unsecured connections or malware installed in such machines could result in your data being stolen. If you must use a public computer to carry out a transaction, change your password as soon as possible when you reach home.
Prey to Phishing: Despite repeated warnings by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as well as banks, many customers remain unaware of the consequences of parting with the credit card and bank account details. Do not forget these basics in the hurry to click the link in your e-mail offering a ‘never-before-seen’ discount on the latest gadget or smartphone, in return for your account details and credit card information.
Not Registering for Mobile Banking: If a fraud has been committed, how soon you get to know of it becomes critical. Mobile alerts are helpful as the customer is immediately informed about the use and credit card information.
Not Checking Statements Regularly: It is a good practice to go through your account statements. If you spot a suspicious entry, report the matter to the bank immediately. Also, make it a point to save your bank’s customer centre numbers in your cell phone as well as mailbox.

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