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A general review on Python

Goodmorning Friends!!

Today in the world when it comes to cybersecurity, we are majorly in doubts that which language should we prefer to learn first. In this article we will discuss about the advantages of learning Python and how will Python help us in various IT fields.                                                                                                                                                         It is still common to start students with a procedural (subset of a) statically typedl anguage such as Pascal, C, or a subset of C++ or Java. Students may be better served by learning Python as their first language. … Many other aspects of Python make it a good first language.

Basically python was developed in late 1980’s by Guido van Rossum at Centrum Wiskunde. Python gives youa platform where you all can do various coding and make your own softwares. It includes various types of library including graphics, statistics and much more. Also there are some additional feature provided by python which are not present in other languages.

Python is High Level Language(HLL) which makes it easy to write and understand. That’s why I personally recommend python to learn first. Some syntax of python are given here by which you will get an idea about python:

Input=this command is used to take input from user.

Print= this command is used to print the material you want to dislpay on the screen.

while/for/do while are some common loops used in python.

also if you are looking for a language for artificial intelligence and want to go through coding part then really python is the best language for that purpose.

There is a special command known as elif statement and it is the combination of if and else which makes python more attracting language.You all can create games and software easily if you go through certain libraries of python.

By viewing these commands you can easily think that python’s syntax are easy and they can be learnt by anyone. When it comes to the function of python and applications, then they are endless..

Today, python is also one of the only language used in the most famous microcontroller Raspberry pi. Python has the extension .py and it is used to save your python file securely. You can also make websites,pages,hacking softwares and much more using python which provides you a open source software. When it comes to cybersecurity, today many countries are using python as it has many libraries which can directly link to your system and python is also the boon for hackers who want to down the servers of various websites.

Sometimes when you want to become website developer then also python is one of the secure language to write your source code and also it gives you a platform to earn a good sum of money of around 3000 per site.

You can learn python using many softwares such as sololearn for android and tutorialspoint.com for personal computer(PC). I Hope you will learn and understand how python is executed and you will be able to choose the best language for you.


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